Smith+Nephew launches single-use negative pressure wound therapy system


Smith+Nephew has announced the US launch of its new PICO 7Y Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) with AIRLOCK technology. This is the first PICO sNPWT pump to include an integrated Y connector, enabling the utilisation of two dressings concurrently from one pump and allowing for two wounds or incisions to be addressed simultaneously. Furthermore, PICO 7Y is appropriate for use on a variety of wound types such as closed surgical incisions, chronic and acute wounds.

The PICO 7Y sNPWT kit includes two large multisite dressings with extended soft port, designed to conform to complex anatomies and is suited for use on multiple wounds, for example breast procedures. The PICO 7Y pump also includes a check dressing indicator, which is intended to reduce unnecessary dressing changes and waste, and is also 23% quieter than the first generation PICO, making it less intrusive for patients.

The PICO sNPWT dressing includes a proprietary AIRLOCK Technology layer that delivers sufficient NPWT across a surgical incision and the surrounding zone of injury. This feature is designed to help reduce the risk of wound complications by reducing post-operative fluid and tension around a closed surgical incision, when compared with standard dressings. The combination of these actions helps to reduce the risk of surgical wound dehiscence and surgical site infections, the two most common surgical site complications.

In a recent meta-analysis of 16 studies—comprising over 2,000 incisions across multiple surgical specialties—prophylactic use of PICO on closed surgical incisions significantly reduced surgical site infections by 58%, length of hospital stay by half a day and wound dehiscence by 26.4%, as compared to standard of care.

“PICO 7Y is the latest addition to the PICO family of sNPWT products, which have revolutionized the use of negative pressure wound therapy by making a treatment, previously predominantly used in a hospital inpatient setting, available to a wider range of outpatients in a cost effective, portable solution,” said Ryan Frank, vice president of US Marketing, Advanced Wound Management.

“With breast surgical procedures becoming more frequent, increasingly complex, and with more women at high risk of breast cancer choosing to undergo risk-reducing surgery such as bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, PICO 7Y is improving the delivery of therapy for what is currently an unmet need.”


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