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What has TWO2 taught us about the treatment of chronic diabetic...

In a win for proponents of topical oxygen therapy, co-principal investigator of the TWO2 study—a multinational, multicentre, randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the...

Decades of data show hyperbaric oxygen therapy belongs in the diabetic...

“Diabetic foot ulcers are very difficult to treat, and the approach should be multi-factorial,” Andrew Applewhite tells iWounds News. “If you do not offload...


Speaking from four separate rooms in four different corners of the world, William Ennis, Desmond Bell, Michael Edmonds, and William Li expounded over zoom on the myriad ways in which COVID-19 had impacted multidisciplinary wound...


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Una Adderley

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William Ennis

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