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BIBA Briefings: Critical limb-threatening ischaemia interventions buck trend for emergency only...

A BIBA MedTech Insights survey (conducted May 2020) indicates a trend towards centres only performing emergency percutaneous peripheral procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. However,...

Pedal artery revascularisation: Is it ready for prime time?

Reviewing the available evidence for below-the-ankle interventions in the treatment of critical limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI), Srini Tummala proposes that pedal artery intervention “should be...


Speaking from four separate rooms in four different corners of the world, William Ennis, Desmond Bell, Michael Edmonds, and William Li expounded over zoom on the myriad ways in which COVID-19 had impacted multidisciplinary wound...


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Una Adderley

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