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Ben Bullen

Understanding what it means to be “Charcot foot health literate”

Described as a “Cinderella condition”, Charcot foot is little understood within the non-specialist medical community. In this article, Benjamin Bullen (Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff,...

How to improve the treatment of chronic wounds: A German National...

President of the German Wound Council, Martin Storck, considers how to improve the treatment of chronic wounds. While the road to better treatment “may...


 Venous News filmed a panel discussion with Alun Davies (London, UK), Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) and Daniel Carradice (Hull, UK); who discussed treatment of venous ulceration and the randomised EVRA trial which, Carradice says, showed that early endovenous ablation of superficial venous...


Una Adderley

Una Adderley

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William Ennis

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