Healogics brings vein ablation services to its Wound Care Centres


Healogics, a provider of advanced chronic wound care services in the USA, has announced they have added vein ablation to their in-house service offerings through a new programme called Healogics VeinCare. This programme allows the company to provide patients with a higher level of care in a more convenient manner, a press release states. VeinCare is especially important for patients with limited access to local care or for those who have limited mobility or transportation issues.

Vascular disease of the vein affects millions of people throughout the USA each year, and is often a factor in the development of chronic, non-healing wounds. Vascular disease—including peripheral arterial disease (PAD)—also contributes to 80% of all non-traumatic limb amputations in the USA each year. Because of these staggering numbers, the press release states, Healogics is committed to finding new and innovative ways to better serve this growing patient population.

“The people we serve are dealing with incredibly complex health concerns,” says Healogics’ chief medical officer, William Ennis. “They are often living with an average of three to four comorbidities, in addition to a sore or wound that will not heal. Given that blood flow is so important to the healing process, it felt like a natural next step to offer vein services in-house. We want to ensure we are providing the most comprehensive care possible, and we believe VeinCare takes us to that next level.”

Healogics VeinCare offers advanced, minimally-invasive laser treatment in the outpatient Wound Care Centre. The company states it delivers market-leading heal rates, and plans to bring the same quality focus to patients with vascular disease. When vein conditions lead to a venous leg ulcer, the vein team collaborates with the Wound Care Center team to heal each patient’s wound with advanced outpatient care. Better treatment will give many patients with venous leg ulcers the ability to heal faster and prevent future ulcers. By adding vein services to the arsenal of advanced wound care treatment options, Healogics aims to further its mission of reaching and healing more people living with conditions that lead to chronic wounds.


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