Acquisition of FB Dermatology finalised by Klox Technologies


Klox Technologies Inc. (Klox), a regenerative medicine company focused on the development of fluorescent light energy biomodulation systems for applications in dermatology and wound care, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of FB Dermatology, a specialized dermatology company commercialising Kleresca for treatment of acne, rosacea and skin rejuvenation.

“We continue to be impressed with FB Dermatology’s ability to successfully gain commercial traction in multiple territories with the Kleresca offering,” said Carlo Bellini, president of Klox. “Strategically, we look forward to fully unifying our teams and combining our commercial efforts in dermatology and wound care with the aim to expand our product offering and geographic presence.”

“We are very excited about unifying the companies and our portfolios of Kleresca and LumiHeal, creating a leader within regenerative medicine, utilizing fluorescent light energy based technologies,” said Mikkel Schoedt, senior vice president of operations for Klox.

According to a statement, Kleresca utilises the FB System to offer non-invasive treatment options for both therapeutic and aesthetic conditions using fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s own biological processes and repair mechanisms.

Currently, Kleresca is commercially available in select markets in Europe and Australia. The Kleresca portfolio includes: Kleresca Acne Treatment, Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation, Kleresca Rosacea Treatment and Kleresca Pre-Post. All products are based on the FB System using fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s biological processes.

The Kleresca platform offers non-invasive treatments which increase the build-up of collagen and normalise cellular activity with high safety and efficacy. In scientific terms, the process is known as photobiomodulation.


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