Advanced dermal matrix introduced to chronic wound patients across India


India-dermal-matrixLifeNet Health’s Dermacell AWM, an advanced acellular dermal matrix (ADM) for wound treatment, is the first human ADM available in India. According to a statement, this introduction will provide access to proven therapy for millions of patients in India suffering from chronic wounds.

Each year, as many as 100,000 patients in India face amputation due to a chronic wound, and with more than 65 million people with diabetes and 7.5 million new cases diagnosed each year, the incidence of severe wounds and amputation is steadily increasing in India. Dermacell AWM has been shown to effectively treat challenging wounds, thereby reducing the threat of amputation and its debilitating impacts such as decreased quality of life and increased mortality.

“We are proud to offer Dermacell AWM as the first therapy of its kind in India,” said Rony Thomas, president and CEO of LifeNet Health. “It is a truly unique clinical solution to help patients overcome severe wounds and avoid the devastating effects of amputation.”

Dermacell AWM has been utilized as an effective treatment in the USA, the European Union and Latin America prior to its availability in India, and is supported by multiple studies that show it can bring serious wounds to complete resolution with fewer applications than conventional care or other graft materials.

In a May 2019 clinical review, wounds treated with Dermacell AWM healed with an average of just one application, compared to an average of nine applications of an alternative material. A separate study published in September — involving patients with large, complex Wagner grade 3 and 4 chronic wounds, including those with exposed bone — showed Dermacell AWM helped heal or drastically reduce the size of the wounds within 16 weeks.

“Dermacell AWM has been rigorously studied in clinical settings and is supported by numerous peer-reviewed publications, including the largest-ever clinical trial of human ADMs for wound treatment,” said Frederic Peycelon, LifeNet Health’s vice president of international markets. “It is a powerful therapy that supports effective outcomes while also simplifying treatment by bringing wounds to closure in as little as one application.”

LifeNet Health will feature Dermacell AWM at the VSICON Annual Conference (October 17-20, Hyderabad, India). During the conference, Zakee Shabazz (Washington D.C., USA) will present on his clinical experience with Dermacell AWM in the exhibit hall. Shabazz is board-certified in foot surgery and chief of podiatry at Innova Fair Oaks Hospital, Washington D.C, USA. A key opinion leader in his field, Shabazz has been focused for nearly 20 years on caring for patients with advanced podiatric techniques and technologies.


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