Aroa launches large format extracellular matrix to treat larger and more complex wounds


Auckland-based Aroa Biosurgery has announced the launch of a large-format version of its Endoform Natural product. The largest of Aroa’s wound care products, this 8.5 by 6-inch device has been launched in the US and Canadian markets, following its recent approval for reimbursement within the US healthcare system.

According to Aroa chief executive Brian Ward, this large format version of Endoform Natural addresses the growing need to treat large wounds with a single sheet of their extracellular matrix-based product which, according to a statement, will provide more options for clinicians.

“We saw a need to offer healthcare providers a simple option for larger and often more difficult-to-treat wounds arising from trauma and complications from surgical wounds, or other diseases where healing is impaired. This format is also suitable for wounds such as chronic wounds and venous leg ulcers.

“We are also seeing that Endoform Natural is increasingly being used in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy, and this large format will be particularly useful in these treatment applications.”

The statement also confirms that Aroa intends to make the large format available in a range of global markets, as and when regulatory approvals are granted.


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