MolecuLight i:X platform available to 650 long-term healthcare facilities through Synergy HealthCare Alliance

The MolecuLight i:X fluorescence imaging device

The MolecuLight i:X platform (from MolecuLight), which uses fluorescence imaging for the point-of-care detection of wounds containing elevated bacterial loads, is now available to 650 long-term healthcare facilities in the USA through the company’s new commercial arrangement with Synergy HealthCare Alliance.

Synergy HealthCare Alliance is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) specialising in sub-acute and long-term care. MolecuLight is now a registered partner and its i:X device for digital wound measurement and point-of-care detection of wounds with elevated bacterial burden is available to Synergy HealthCare Alliance’s long-term care members across the USA, a company press release reports.

The MolecuLight i:X imaging procedure has a reimbursement pathway that includes two CPT codes applicable in the long-term care and extended care setting for physician work to perform “fluorescence wound imaging for bacterial presence, location, and load”. The CPT codes were issued by the American Medical Association (AMA) after critical review of the large body of supporting clinical evidence supporting the medical necessity of this procedure.

Through their new commercial arrangement, Synergy HealthCare Alliance and MolecuLight will co-market the MolecuLight i:X platform to the GPO’s 650 long-term healthcare facilities. MolecuLight’s comprehensive training (in-clinic, virtual, and e-learning) and support programmes will also be made available to Synergy’s members.

In addition to working with GPOs such as Synergy, MolecuLight also has a direct Sales and Clinical Applications team across North America.


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