MolecuLight announces strategic alliance with Tissue Analytics

MolecuLight i:X
MolecuLight i:X


MolecuLight has announced the integration of its MolecuLight i:X device with Tissue Analytics’ interconnected platform for seamless integration with leading electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic health record (EHR) platforms. According to a press release, Tissue Analytics is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud-based software solution that allows providers to monitor and automatically measure wound healing.

The alliance means that at clinical sites using both MolecuLight and Tissue Analytics, wound care clinicians can now easily upload standard and fluorescence images captured with the MolecuLight i:X device at the point of care to the patient’s record in the EMR/EHR.

The integrated platforms allow clinicians to optimise their workflow and document their patients’ wounds digitally. In addition to integrating with Tissue Analytics, MolecuLight is launching direct integration capabilities between its MolecuLight i:X device with several leading EMR/EHR platforms.

Additional capabilities of the integrated MolecuLight/ Tissue Analytics’ platforms include:

  • The ability for clinicians to compare fluorescence and measurements of wounds captured at a patient’s previous assessment, to better evaluate wound progression and treatment efficacy
  • Improved digital documentation and workflow
  • Wireless data transfer of images and measurements using the embedded Tissue Analytics APIs in the i:X application
  • Facilities using multiple MolecuLight i:X devices in multiple locations can store and retrieve patient wound images and measurements to and from the EMR/EHR
  • HIPAA compliance (no patient information is saved on the MolecuLight i:X device)
  • Fluorescence images improving wound assessment accuracy for identifying wounds containing bacteria at 104 CFU/g and above are uploaded to the patient record. These provide a more complete dataset for clinicians to make better informed, actionable decisions and treatment plans.

Anil Amlani, MolecuLight’s CEO, comments: “As the use of our MolecuLight i:X platform is growing rapidly across multiple healthcare settings, so too is the need for EHR integration of our standard images, fluorescence images and digital wound measurements. We are proud to announce our strategic alliance with Tissue Analytics to integrate with a wide variety of EMR/EHR platforms to provide documentation of patients’ wounds, including wound measurement and changes in bacterial burden. The MolecuLight i:X is the only point-of-care device enabling clinicians to capture wound images that depict the presence of clinically significant bacteria, and these are extremely helpful in informing clinical decision making to ensure the fastest path to healing. The integration with Tissue Analytics will greatly assist in integrating this additional information into existing documentation protocols.”


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